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Council of the Federation 2015

Health Coalitions react to Premiers call for increase in Federal funding. Click here for the press release and here for the backgrounder on the Premiers Statement of July 16, 2015 on Federal Funding for Health Care .

New Report: Court challenge to public health care could impact all Canadians

Medicare as we know it is being challenged in the British Columbia Supreme Court. In a recent report Colleen Fuller outlines this most recent and serious attack on public health in Canada. Click here for the report and here for the CHC’s press release.

2015 National Day of Action for a new Health Accord

On March 31, 2015 Canadians called for the federal government to negotiate a new Health Accord. 49 events were held across the country. In Ottawa, former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page said at a press conference organized by the Canadian Health Coalition that “health care is under threat” and talked solutions. Click here for the video.