Canadian Health Coalition

S.O.S. Medicare 2: Looking Forward

Regina, May 3-4, 2007





Tommy Douglas’ Vision and the Future of Medicare

Video – Part 1

Introduction: Shirley Douglas, OC, Actress, daughter of Tommy Douglas

Keynote Address: Greg Marchildon, PhD, Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina, former Executive Director of the Romanow Commission, “The Douglas Legacy and the Future of Medicare”, and Colleen Flood, SJD, LLM, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Panelists: Hon. Allan Blakeney, Former Saskatchewan Premier and Minister of Health, Monique Bégin, Minister of Health and Welfare in the Trudeau Government, Tom Kent, Principle Secretary to Prime Minister Pearson, “Forward First for Children”, and Judith Shamian, RN, PhD, Victoria Order of Nurses, “Home Care in Canada: The Unfinished Policy”

Panel Moderator: Bruce Campbell, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


International Perspective

Video – Part 2

Keynote Address: Uwe Reinhardt, PhD, Professor of Political Economy, Princeton University

Panelists: May Tsung-Mei Cheng, LLB, MA, Princeton University, “Administrative and economic efficiencies of single payer systems”, Josep Figueras, PhD, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, “Currents and Cross-Currents in Europe”, Alan Maynard, PhD, University of York, UK, “How to Defend a Public Health Care System: Lessons from Abroad”, Marcia Angell, MD, Harvard Medical School’s Department of Social Medicine, “The Truth About the Drug Companies”, Arnold Relman, MD, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School, “Market-Based Health Care in the U.S and Lessons for Canada”, and Scott Sinclair, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, “Protecting Medicare from Foreign Commercial Interests”

Panel Moderator: Patricia Martens, PhD, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy


Financing to Achieve Greater Equity

Video – Part 3

Keynote Address: Robert G. Evans, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of British Columbia, “The Real Anti-Medicare Redistributive Agenda”

Panelists: Michael Mendelson, Caledon Institute of Social Policy, “The Federal Role in Financing Medicare”, Colleen Flood, SJD, LLM, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, “Equity and the Supreme Court post-Chaoulli”, Diana Gibson, Parkland Institute, “Expanding Medicare: Universal, Accessible and Affordable”, and Marie-Claude Prémont, PhD, Faculté de droit, McGill University, “The Impact on Equity of Quebec’s Bill 33”

Panel Moderator: Jack Boan, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of Regina


Health Care Reforms:

Pharmacare, Home Care & Primary Care

Video – Part 4

Keynote Address: Michael Rachlis, MD, Author of Prescription for Excellence, “Tommy Douglas and the Next Phase of Medicare”

Panelists: Linda Silas, RN, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, “A Human Health Resources Strategy”, Steven Lewis, Health Policy Consultant, “Overcoming Barriers to Health Care Reform”, Pat Armstrong, PhD, York University, “Women and Health Care Reform”, Joel Lexchin, MD, York University, “The Case for Pharmacare: Equity, Economic Efficiency and Improved Prescribing”, Patricia Martens, PhD, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, “A Strategy for Mental Health”, and France Gélinas BSc PT, MBA, Francophone Community Health Centre (Sudbury), “Completing the vision: The second stage of Medicare”

Panel Moderator: Barbara Byers, Executive Vice-President, Canadian Labour Congress


Social Determinants of Health

Video – Part 5

Keynote Address: Monique Bégin, Minister of Health and Welfare in the Trudeau Government, “It’s About Equity and Going Upstream: Health for All in Canada”

Panelists: Carolyn Bennett, MD, Former Minister of State for Public Health, Armine Yalnizyan, Social Planning Council of Toronto and CCPA, Cathy Crowe, RN, Street Nurse, Atkinson Economic Justice Fellow, “Dying for a Home”, Eber Hampton, EdD, Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre, “Miyo-M*hcihowin: Self-determination, social determinates and ethical space”, and Robert McMurtry, MD, University of Western Ontario, “The Canadian Index of Well-Being”

Panel Moderator: Murray Knuttila, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Regina and Chair of the Board, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

Stephen Lewis Luncheon Speech

Video – Speech


Getting There From Here

Video – Part 6

Keynote Address: Roy Romanow, Former Premier of Saskatchewan, Chair, Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, Atkinson Economic Justice Fellow, “Canada’s Shared Destiny and the Future of Medicare”

Panelists: Danielle Martin, MD, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, Andrew Petter, QC, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, former British Columbia Minister of Health, Elisabeth Ballermann, LLB, President, Health Sciences Association of Alberta/NUPGE, “It’s all about People”, Maude Barlow, Chairperson, The Council of Canadians, “Profit is not the Cure, Committing to Health Care for All”, Marcy Cohen, British Columbia Hospitals Employees’ Union, “Talking Solutions”, and Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, PhD (cand), O.ONT, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

Panel Moderator: Kathleen Connors, Chairperson, Canadian Health Coalition

Over 650 conference participants fill Regina’s
Queensbury Convention Centre, Regina

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Completing Tommy’s Vision: Next Steps to Expand and Improve Canada’s Medicare System
Post Conference Statement (May 4, 2007)

Health care storm clouds on horizon: Experts
Conference Media Release (May 3, 2007)


Assault on Medicare
Regina Leader-Post (May 19, 2007)

Save Medicare Conference Held
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Media Coverage
Regina Leader-Post (May 3-5, 2007)

CBC Saskatchewan Television News
CBC Saskatchewan (May 3, 2007)    Audio Format

1979 Audio clip of Tommy Douglas welcoming delegates
to S.O.S. Medicare. The speech was replayed
to kick-off S.O.S. Medicare 2: Looking Forward.

(5 minutes)