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Cautionary tale: Australia’s new two-tier health system worsening wait times, Sydney Morning Herald, April 20, 2014

Delivery Matters: The high costs of for-profit health services in Alberta, (PDF Version), Parkland Institute, April 10, 2012

Privatization is not a quick fix for the health system, Op-Ed by Sharon Sholzberg-Gray

New Report: Eroding Public Medicare. Be sure to read this exposé from the Ontario Health Coalition
on the proliferation of private, for-profit clinics across Canada

Inferior residential care for seniors linked to for-profit facilities, IRPP (January 2011)

Information on the Canadian Medical Association, past-President Dr. Robert Ouellet and
past-President Dr. Brian Day

Dr. Brian Day’s “Unlawful Billing Practices”: Information on the B.C. Supreme Court Case regarding private clinic

Debunking the myths surrounding privatization and the public health care system, CUPE (Febraury 2011)

Extendicare is not a model for Medicare: Senator Kirby’s Conflict of Interest

‘Manningcare’: The last thing Canadians want or need

What’s in a scan? How well are consumers informed about the benefits and harms related to screening technology? Read the new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

P3s – The Wrong Prescription for Health Care. Read the new report from CUPE Saskatchewan

Why Wait? Public Solutions to waitlists. Read this report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for
innovative public solutions to wait times

Case Study: Cataract Surgery & Private Clinics in Alberta. Read this exposé (Canada’s Canary in the Mine Shaft) from the Alberta Chapter of the Consumers Association of Canada

Privatization and pathogens: A Backgrounder on Healthcare Associated Infections, from CUPE (January 2009)

Statement of the American Hospital Association before the U.S. Senate Committee of Finance on Physician-owned Specialty Hospitals: Profits before Patients?, May 17, 2006

Three commentaries on private, for-profit care from the Canadian Medical Association Journal:

Health care spending is sustainable: Health Care Spending Forecast. Read this Analytical Note from the Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch of the Department of Finance

Medicare and the so-called European model. Read this informative analysis from Canadian Doctors for Medicare on so-called ‘European’ solutions being advocated by the Canadian Medical Assocaition

Mending Medicare: Special 24-Page Supplement on how to improve Medicare from the Canadian Health Coalition and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Women and Private Health Insurance. Read this new report from the Women and Health care Reform

Two large studies showing the adverse effects of privatized care:

BMAJ: Independent sector treatment centres: learning from a Scottish case study

Powerful testimony on the ills of Privatization from Dr. Arnold Relman, Professor Emiritus Harvard Medical School, and Emeritus Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. Presentation given to the Presentation to the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology (a.k.a. The “Kirby Committee”), February 2002