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Court of the Queen’s Bench of Alberta (March 31, 2014)
Decision: Allen v Her Majesty the Queen

Alberta Health Care Can Be Better, But Not Through Lawsuits and a Two-Tier System  Friends of Medicare Op-Ed, April 2, 2014

B.C. Supreme Court Legal Challenge

UPDATE: B.C. legal challenge threatens health care  Vancouver Sun, May 1, 2014

Dr. Brian Day’s private “Cambie” clinic accused of illegal extra-billing Toronto Star, July 19, 2012  RELATED
Private Clinics Lawsuit Legal Documents  B.C. Health Coalition, April 2010
Supreme Court Showdown for Private Clinics  The Tyee, September 7, 2009
Dr. Brian Day’s “Unlawful Billing Practices”  Canadian Health Coalition, Fall 2009

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Canada Health Act Legal Archive

CanWest Mediaworks Charter Challenge

Chaoulli Legal Archive

Legal opinion on two-tier clinics prepared for the Ontario Health Coalition

Legal Opinion on Threats to Medicare by Privatization prepared for the CHC by Sack, Goldblatt and Mitchell

Legal Opinion on the accuracy of the Alberta Government’s legal opinion on NAFTA and Alberta’s Bill 11
prepared for the CHC by Barry Appleton, Appleton & Associates

Legal Opinion prepared for the CHC by Gottlieb & Pearson on the Threats to Medicare by NAFTA and the WTO

Legal Opinion on NAFTA Reservations in the Area of Health Care prepared for the CHC by Dr. Bryan Schwartz

CUPE Legal Opinion NAFTA Trade Implications of Alberta’s Bill 11

Summary of CUPE Legal Opinion Concerning the Privatization of Insured Health Care Services and NAFTA

Reckless Abandon – Canada, the GATS and the Future of Health Care Download the CCPA Executive Summary

Canadian Health Coalition NAFTA Intervention, 1996


Legal challenges may imperil medicare, public health care advocates say  Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 11, 2010

Suit seeks to open Canadian health care to privatizers  Winnipeg Free Press, September 24, 2008