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Wait Times

The Issue:

Many governments in Canada are addressing wait times with solutions like better management and coordination of wait lists, better use of resources and more teamwork between doctors and nurses. Other governments are using wait times as a ruse to privatize – setting up a parallel, private health care system and contracting out hospital surgeries to for-profit doctors and their private clinics. Since doctors and nurses can’t be in more than one place at the same time, creating a two-tiered parallel system will result in doctors, nurses and other health care professionals being poached from public hospitals, making wait times longer for those using the public system. Such schemes only provide better access to the wealthy, and Canadians don’t want their cherished health care system transformed into a U.S.-style two-tier system where those with money buy their way to the front of the line. Public opinion research shows Canadians overwhelmingly support Medicare and want public – not private – solutions to wait times.


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