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Health Protection and Drug Safety

The Issue:

Be it pharmaceutical drugs, products of genetic engineering, livestock hormones and antibiotics, the blood supply or asbestos, there’s no longer a clear line between government regulators and industry. Government regulators should be implementing and enforcing regulations and industry should be left to promote itself. Societies must keep promotion and regulation of industry under different roofs or they get disasters like bad blood and Mad Cow disease. If the Krever Commission into the blood disater taught us anything, it’s that we have to regulate in the interest of the public, not in the interest of the regulated. Unfortunately, we have no such regulatory system in Canada.



Topic: ‘Smart’ Regulation and the new book Ill-Health Canada

Source: Ken Rockburn Show
Guest: Michael McBane of the Canadian Health Coalition



Ill-Health Canada  Putting Food and Drug Company Profits Ahead of Safety, 2005 (Order your copy today!)

Risk First, Safety Last! A Citizen’s Guide to Health Canada’s Health & Safety First ! A Proposal to Renew
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