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Canada Health Act

The Issue:

Canadians are being kept in the dark about developments that threaten the integrity and viability of Medicare. Under the Canada Health Act (CHA), Health Canada has reporting obligations to Parliament and must monitor and enforce the five criteria and the two conditions of the Canada Health Act. But the Auditor General found that Health Canada’s annual report consistently fails to identify, let alone assess, significant privatization initiatives now underway (especially in Québec and Alberta). Private delivery of insured health services has CHA implications: it’s against the law for private health care providers to charge patients for medically necessary services, or allow them to jump the queue. The CHC has called on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health to conduct hearings on Health Canada’s deficiencies in Canada Health Act reporting, monitoring, and enforcement. In the meantime, Canadians are encouraged to report violations of the CHA to us, including queue jumping, illegal fees and charges for medically necessary care.


Canada Health Act – Purpose and Requirements

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