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The Issue:

Canadian governments, employers, unions, and patients currently spend more money on prescription drugs (about $21 billion in 2007) than is spent on all services provided by doctors in Canada. There were over 420 Million drug prescriptions filled in Canadian pharmacies in 2007, an amount equal to 12.6 prescriptions per capita. And a lot of this spending is on expensive (and often dangerous) new drugs which offer no better theraputic effect than their traditional (and cheaper) counterparts. Our homes are bombarded with TV Ads for these expensive new drugs (which is against Canadian law) further driving up drug spending. Canadians need a public, safe and appropriate drug plan they can depend on.

Canadians need Pharmacare, a national publicly funded and administered insurance plan that would cover drug costs the same way Medicare covers hospital and doctor costs, providing universal access to safe and appropriate care. And a Pharmacare plan has many advantages. It would provide equal access to prescription drugs for all Canadians, replacing our uneven and unfair patchwork of provincial programs and private insurance at work. It would also control costs by allowing providers to negotiate good prices and reducing administrative costs. And it would save lives by providing life-saving medically necessary drugs to those who currently cannot afford them.

(Big Pharma in the News) TVO, March 20, 2012

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