Canadian Health Coalition

Board of Directors

Pauline Worsfold, RN


Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

Barb Byers

(Vice Chair)

Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Labour Congress

Rita Morbia


Executive Director, Inter Pares

Julie White


Congress of Union Retirees of Canada

Pat Armstrong, Ph.D.

National Coordinating Group on Health Care Reform and Women

Sandra Azocar

Executive Director, Alberta Friends of Medicare

Michelle Brill-Edwards, MD

Alliance for Public Accountability

Len Bush

National Union of Public and General Employees

Michael Butler

Council of Canadians

Katha Fortier


Shelly Gordon

Canadian Union of Public Employees

Roger Hutchinson, Th.D.

United Church of Canada

Martha Jackman, LL.M.

Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Joel Lexchin, MD

Faculty of Health, York University

Natalie Mehra

Executive Director, Ontario Health Coalition

Pat Van Horne

Keith Newman

Congress of Union Retirees of Canada

Pat Van Horne

Mandy Rocks

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Pat Van Horne

Pat Van Horne

United Steelworkers